Our clients are our best ambassadors. We believe in ongoing relationships which can allow us to grow together. Investment into personal development should be continuous and we are only as good as our clients' recommendations. This is what a few of our recent clients are saying about us.

"Orla has become part of our senior team and is completely committed to pushing the business forward as much as the Directors. We value her input and ensure that the management information that she provides and helps us to analyse is up to date and useful. It's great to use numbers to inform all of our business decisions. I can now sleep at night!" Finance Director
Small Business owner, construction
"Direct and thought provoking coaching which made me look at my business from a whole new perspective. Constructive criticism which allowed me to understand my business and my role within my business in more depth. Highly recommended. Thanks" Small Business Mentoring
Rob Boakye, Boakye Fitness - A Holistic Training company
"Overall, I felt the whole experience has opened my eyes, firstly about me as a person, my strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. It has given me more confidence in realising that I can achieve anything I set out to achieve. It has made me realise how different people see things and it is important to adapt to different behaviours and styles, especially in the workplace to ensure a good job is done. It has made me thing about 'dreaming' more, to think about the future. It was great to end my last session writing up my 1 year plan. It has given me more confidence and direction" Team Executive Coaching programme
Catherine, Membership Manager, David Lloyd Leisure
"Having just left the corporate world to set up my own business, I found the behaviour analysis very eye opening. Orla seemed to know me so well and was able to translate the report into real life situations. This had a big impact on me and I would very much recommend her coaching for anyone in business." Individual Coaching
Carmel Cott, Arbonne Network Marketer
"As a Finance director with responsibilities within my organisation purely focused on profit, I was skeptical about any investment into personal development. Orla coached me following a promotion and we broke the role down into manageable areas which allowed me to take the role on more effectively and manage my stress levels. I also did some behaviour analysis which I found extremely accurate. Yet again, I was dubious about how it could work but I was very really surprised and I could also see how the coaching relationship could move forward to focus on what was found in the report. I would like to repeat this process for my team as communication and behaviour is so important in every business interaction and I know that as Orla has the added understanding of finance staff due to her accountancy background and will be able to adapt to each person to ensure good results. " Executive Coaching
Graham Excell, Finance Director JCC Lighting
"An eye and mind opening experience which gave me permission to have a realisation of myself and not told to change it. Not only being allowed to dream but guided as to how to get there......." Team Executive Coaching programme
Simon, Sports Manager, David Lloyd Leisure