Small/Medium Business Finance Director

This is an ongoing relationship that is for companies that want to embrace growth and change within their business. Each package will be bespoke but an example would be a six to twelve month relationship of 2 days per month.

We would work with you to ensure that your goals for your business are being achieved. 

Why use an external finance director?

Figures suggest that 70 per cent of small businesses that receive mentoring survive for 5 years or more, which is double the rate compared with those that are not mentored.

We offer an independent sounding board that helps with accountability. In a corporate environment, our manager would be the one who would act as a sounding board and keep our goals on track. In our own business, we lack this and an experienced director can offer this service.

Areas that we would concentrate on include;

  • Overall business strategy
  • Growth
  • Finance (e.g. budgeting, forecasting)
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Entry/Exit strategy

 Feedback from the scheme include that it provides accountability and drive towards specific goals of the organisation. We work with a network of recommended professionals for this programme and can therefore bring in trusted expertise when needed.