Executive Coaching

This is normally for a minimum of 6-12 sessions but can be an ongoing arrangement depending on the requirements. We begin by setting clear goals for the coaching and give feedback to the organisation.

This would be for 3 key groups;

  • Executives who wish to further their career through personal development
  • Executives facing specific challenges e.g. change management, maternity leave, promotion, new role, challenging management situations
  • Employees who are key personnel that are earmarked for promotion and are key players within an organisation

In a course we would normally look at the following;

  • Identify the current situation and behaviour through extensive behaviour analysis
  • Putting together strategies to move forward having identified skills gaps
  • Feedback to the organsation on pre approved details (if applicable)

Team Coaching

We look at how each team player is working within the team on an individual basis and explore how the communications are working. Through individual sessions and workshops, we explore the behaviour of a perfect team and how communication and behaviour can affect performance.