OB Business Solutions Ltd was set up in 2013 by Orla Bance ACMA CGMA BA(Hons) ANLP following a career in senior management.

Orla is a chartered CIMA accountant and it was through this skill that she became Finance and Resources Director of a Charitable Trust that specialised in Leisure provisions. This involved a careful balance of the complete finance function of a £20 million turnover company teamed with the management of a staff of almost 1,000 staff. It was at this time that she became passionate about the development of the organisation’s most important asset – the people - whilst keeping a very close eye on the investment turnaround and appreciating the financial implications of training.

Orla invested in her own training to augment her coaching skills to ensure that she could deliver the most up to date and effective coaching for organisations to achieve success. Prior to working as a Finance Director, Orla also held positions in Operations and Commercial Management in the leisure industry which allows a very rounded perspective on any business.

Orla has also a BA(Hons) Business Studies and also is a qualified Neuro Linguistic Coach (NLP).


Check out a recent article about Orla Bance in the National press here https://www.dropbox.com/s/49cqo0nmy4n1gjo/Irish%20Post%20Orla%20Bance%20article.jpg?dl=0